PUU Sauna Made From Sustainable Hardwood with LED Lights
PUU wooden sauna with two benches
PUU wood sauna
PUU wooden sauna

Wood Finish (PUU)

The increasingly popular wooden outdoor saunas are the closest thing to the real Finnish experience, creating the perfect natural-looking haven in the comfort of your own garden. For anyone who loves natural materials, the Thermalux PUU, which is Finnish for ‘wood’, is made entirely out of high-quality thermowood, inside and out. Combining modern technology with traditional materials, the PUU outdoor sauna interiors are covered with a thermally modified, sustainable hardwood called thermo ayous, creating a resistant, soft and elegant finish.

Thermalux UK Standard Finnish Sauna

Wood Standard
Finnish Sauna

The Thermalux wooden Finnish sauna is a great natural addition to your outdoor space. Also known as a dry sauna, it delivers low humidity and high temperatures, reaching between 80-100°C. The sauna’s low humidity and heat provide a number of health benefits including detoxification, skin care, improved immunity and muscle relaxation. This minimalist and contemporary sauna can be customised and combined with other Thermalux outdoor wellness products.

Wood Finish Infrared Garden Sauna

Wood Infrared Sauna

Our wood finished, outdoor infrared saunas offer a minimalistic design with invisible infrared heater panels. The interiors of our infrared sauna models are covered with a thermally modified sustainable hardwood called thermo ayous, creating a resistant, soft and elegant finish. To enhance this seamless, natural-looking wellness and relaxation interior space, two floating benches have been added

Wood Finish (PUU) Bio - Sauna

Wood Bio-Sauna

Our wood finish, outdoor bio-saunas, also called sanariums, offer the perfect escapist atmosphere, transporting you to an exotic climate with temperatures of 45-60°C; the perfect combination of warmth and humidity to create a tranquil atmosphere. Our bio-sauna is created with the optional combi oven giving auto steam function.

Wood Sauna Combinations

Our wood finish, outdoor saunas are available in a number of combinations, making your outdoor space unique to you. As with other models, the PUU range is available with or without an overhang, integrated shower and storage, or it can be fully assembled with other Thermalux outdoor wellness products such as the outdoor spa. Within the sauna model, other customisable options include the stove type, electrical or wooden, to create your desired atmosphere.

Wooden Finish Outdoor Sauna
PUU Outside Sauna
Wood Finish Outdoor Sauna Combination
PUU Garden Sauna
Wood Finish Fusion Outdoor Sauna

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