Outdoor sauna and shower room with terrace roof
White outdoor sauna with shower room
PUU garden equipment room
outdoor sauna with changing room

Equipment Room

A great solution for additional enclosed outdoor storage space, a changing room or even to work as a technical space for your pool. Our equipment rooms are made-to-measure and can be built next to or behind the sauna. All of our enclosed rooms come with one light switch and plug as standard and are ideal for additional storage. The interior finishing can be made of wooden panels (PUU), aluminium (ALU), or a combination of the two.


If you’re looking to transform your space into a garden room gym, games room or garden office, Thermalux UK partners, My Retreat Garden Rooms, offer a range of opportunities for your outdoor space. Each garden room is made to suit your individual requirements, creating a space and experience that is right for you, as well as perfectly complementing the Thermalux range of wellness solutions.

PUU Wooden Equipment Room
Black Aluminium Outdoor Equipment Room
Black Aluminium & PUU Equipment Room

See Other Combinations

  • PUU & Aluminium Equipment Room

    A great solution for additional enclosed outdoor storage space, a changing room or even to work as a technical space for your pool.

  • Thermalux Outdoor Shower Room

    If you are looking for additional relaxation within the privacy of your own garden, our shower solutions can offer you just that.

  • Outdoor Relaxation Room With LED Lighting

    The relaxation room is the perfect space to unwind, with the ergonomic seats providing you with support whilst you relax.

  • Thermalux Outdoor Steam Room

    That blissful moment of pure wellbeing, when the warmth of the steam room sweeps over your skin and body, giving it a much-needed detox.

  • Thermalux Pool House Combination

    The stylish design of our pool house allows it to fit in seamlessly with your other Thermalux outdoor products.

  • Thermalux UK Outdoor Jacuzzi

    Our sustainable jacuzzis pair perfectly with our other wellness products to elevate your outdoor space into a relaxing environment personal to you.

  • Thermalux Wood and Aluminium Terrace Patio

    The terrace patio cover can be placed as a free-standing element or attached to your storage room or sauna unit.

  • DIY Wooden Outdoor Sauna

    If you are a lover of DIY, and are looking for a home wellness solution, you can buy and self-install the Thermalux wooden finish (PUU) outdoor sauna.

  • Outdoor Sudorium With Wood and Aluminium Finish

    The Sudorium is a 5-in-1 wellness solution that combines the benefits of the three types of saunas.

  • Thermalux Outdoor Sauna Combinations

    The Fusion is at the top of our outdoor sauna range, providing a complete package of outdoor wellness solutions.

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