Inside of Thermalux Premium Outdoor Sauna with LED lights
inside of garden sauna with two benches
PUU wooden sauna
Image shows one of Thermalux's premium outdoor saunas in a garden setting. Thermalux UK are suppliers of Premium Outdoor Saunas, Luxury Outdoor Saunas, and Aluminium Finish Saunas like this one.


Do you have a question about the application of our outdoor saunas? Our Thermalux FAQs can help answer your general, specific or technical questions.

How long does an outdoor sauna take to warm up?

This will depend on the starting temperature or outdoor temperature. The temperature of our saunas increases by approximately 1.5°C every minute. So, if the outdoor temperature is 20°C and you want to reach 80°C, it will take 40 minutes. If the starting temperature is 0°C and you want to reach 80°C, it will take an hour. Please note these are estimated times, and not exact, as your location can also impact the warm up time.

What is the difference between an electric heater and a wood stove?

The electric heater controls itself with a thermostat function, just like in your home. The wood stove does not have an on/off function and allows you to reach a higher temperature, but we recommend starting lower and gradually increasing the temperature to get used to your way of 'heating'.

How does the Wi-Fi module work?

This is a piece of hardware that can be added, allowing you to control your sauna remotely via an app (downloadable via the App Store for iOS and Android). You will be provided with a manual showing you how to set up your Wi-Fi module. Please note that you will need a good Wi-Fi connection near the sauna.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time of our models is variable due to many of our products being bespoke. We are happy to discuss delivery times with you or provide an estimate for this.

Is infrared radiation dangerous?

Infrared saunas work by using radiant energy to heat your body directly rather than heating the space around you. Using an infrared sauna is no more harmful than exposure to the light and heat produced by the sun, and also comes without the additional harm from ultraviolet rays, as well as infrared light being safely used in a number of other everyday applications such as neonatal units and in hot yoga classes.

What type of infrared heaters do you use?

Infrared heaters generally fall into one of three types; short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave, each operating at different temperatures. As well as this, the heaters can be ceramic, carbon fiber or a combination of both. Either way, infrared saunas and their heaters produce less energy output due to heating the core body temperature rather than creating steam to heat the room. Thermalux infrared saunas are selected with the best heater panels to ensure an optimum temperature is created throughout, allowing you to reap all of the benefits that the infrared sauna has to offer.

Why do you use Thermo ayous and not Cedar wood?

Our thermo ayous Thermowood is not only durable and lightweight, but is also a great sustainable option that offers optimum performance for very little maintenance. The chemical free heating process used to modify the wood makes thermo ayous a much safer option than many untreated timbers.

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