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Outdoor Sauna UK Range

The Thermalux luxurious outdoor sauna UK range is designed for private relaxation in the comfort and privacy of your own home, blending effortlessly into your outdoor space. This stylish range of timeless designs provides clients with an ultimate range of finishes for perfect integration to match your outdoor designs.


Redefining the concept of home wellness, these minimalist and contemporary saunas are now available in the UK, combining modern technology with traditional materials. To ensure full isolation to all-year-round British weather, all our outdoor saunas have a UV-resistant external coat of polyester lacquer, and all our high-quality materials are heat and humidity resistant.


Modern Outdoor Saunas 


With endless bespoke finishes and model combinations, the Thermalux outdoor saunas come in two types of external materials; wood or aluminium. The saunas can be free-standing or combined with other outdoor wellness products, and styled to perfectly match your external home finishes, your personal taste or garden design. Other customisable elements include lighting, benches, heaters, aroma dispensers, controls panel and ventilation system.


Based in Surrey, we can assist you from start to finish to meet all of your requirements and ensure that the ideal home wellness solution for you is created.

Range Options

Our sauna range comprises of three different models of wellness experiences: the standard Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna and a bio-sauna (or sanarium). All of these models can be combined in a 3-in-1 solution. Thanks to the benefit of our supplied bio-ovens, your chosen solution can combine a dry Finnish sauna, a bio or tropical bath and an aroma bath, all topped with the infrared feature.

Outdoor Standard Finnish Sauna

Standard Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna (also known as a dry sauna) is our base model. Beyond its cultural and social aspect, the dry sauna provides a range of major health benefits including detoxification, skin care, improved immunity and muscle relaxation.

The Finnish or dry sauna, as the name indicates, has no moisture or steam. In fact, the humidity is typically kept around 5-20% and the temperature is set around 80-100°C.

Black Aluminium Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

The outdoor infrared sauna is the first of a new generation of luxury infrared saunas. Created by Thermalux, if offers a minimalist aesthetic design and invisible heater panels. This product’s timeless design integrates flawlessly in every modern and contemporary garden.

The interiors of our infrared sauna models are covered with a thermally modified sustainable hardwood called thermo ayous, creating a resistant, soft and elegant finish. To truly perfect this look, the sauna comes with two floating benches that make for a spacious and luxurious place for relaxation.

In order to ensure an optimum temperature, we use high-quality infrared heater panels and install them within the space so that the temperature remains consistent across all zones.

Outdoor Wooden Bio - Sauna


The bio-sauna, also called soft sauna or sanarium, is a mildly warm sauna with typical temperatures ranging between 45-60°C, simulating tropical heat. A bio-sauna is the perfect combination of the Finnish sauna’s warmth with the steam bath’s humidity.


This moistness is introduced in a particularly gentle and circulation-friendly dose, generally between 50- 70%. To add to the exotic escapism feel, you can also have aroma infusions added to your bio-sauna.

Wellness Combinations

When it comes to bespoke outdoor wellness product combinations, your imagination is the only limit. Our UK outdoor saunas are available in a wide variety of sizes and models, and all models can be combined: sauna and whirlpool with shower, sauna and infrared sauna room, sauna and steam bath, infrared and steam bath. We can also add a toilet room, relaxation area or changing room, and every section can be interconnected or separated from each other.


Other customisable options include specified RAL colours to perfectly match any original colour schemes, double glazed walls, privacy glass, or even a Wi-Fi module to connect with your phone or home automation system.

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Aluminium Outdoor Sauna & Shower Room
Wood Finish Outdoor Sauna Combination
Black Aluminium Steam Room

Need Help?

Are you completely taken by the idea of owning your very own outdoor wellness sauna?

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