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Health Benefits

It is undeniable that there are a considerable range of health benefits that come with sauna bathing. Take a look at our Sauna Health Benefits section where we have a range of articles on how sauna bathing can promote fitness recovery, pain relief, sleep improvement and much more.

PUU Wooden Outdoor Sauna

Finnish Sauna Benefits

Finnish saunas are well known for being a large part of everyday life in Finland, influencing cultural and social aspects and evolving over the years.

Benefits of the Finnish Sauna:

Detoxification – the high temperatures reached in the Finnish sauna cause you to sweat, naturally when the body sweats it releases and eliminates toxins which contributes to purification and detoxification of the body

Improved Breathing – the Finnish sauna is also known as a dry sauna and the dry air produced, as well as the high temperature, opens the airways to allow congestion to be reduced

Reduction of Fluid Retention – as well as detoxification, sweating within the sauna can also help aid the reduction of fluid retention in the body, removing excess liquid and assisting with weight loss

Muscle Relaxation – the atmosphere and high temperature of the sauna places you into a space of relaxation, allowing your muscles to relax and repair, which is particularly useful after exercising

Skincare – the combination of the sauna temperature and sweating can help in removing dead skin, renewing cells and improving the overall appearance of your skin

White Aluminium Garden Sauna

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared saunas have grown in popularity over the years, using infrared heater panels to heat the body rather than the surrounding space to provide a number of health benefits.

Benefits of the Infrared Sauna:

Call Regeneration – Infrared therapy is known to regenerate the body’s skin cells and promote the faster healing of wounds


Increased Body Temperature – many people with low body temperatures may struggle to fight off infection and illness, the heightened body temperature created with the infrared sauna can help remove bacteria and strengthen the body’s response to fighting infection, as well as improving circulation


Improved Exercise Results – those who use infrared saunas after exercise are seen to have greater improvements with weight loss


Sleep Improvements – the high body temperatures achieved in the infrared sauna can aid relaxation and reduce tension which, in turn, can help promote improvements to sleep

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